Monday, 12 March 2018

Tiptoeing Around Some Old Favourites

Three done
Nine more to go

I am enjoying rediscovering old favourites
as I stitch around them.

Love this colouring in between the lines
Need to explore this style further I think.

Silk allows tiny stitches
and takes the natural dye so deliciously.

Last year with the birth of our second granddaughter
pink started appearing in my work with more regularity.
But, I am having problems with my eyes
and Handy Hubby assures me this one is actually peach!

Perhaps I had better start working in black and white!

This one makes me smile.
I imagine it as creature of some sort
wearing a sweatband.
Brings back the sixties in a flash!

Now I need to rush out and find some more
embroidery floss.
Each 'pathway' takes a bit more than two skeins!

I hope you can stitch to your hearts content today.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Drawing with Dots in Ink and Stitch

 On Saturday I took a break from wrapping the edges of Stone Pathways
to take a dot drawing workshop at University Sainte Anne
with John Browning.
Learning how other artists approach their work
and how they view the world around them
enriches my world.
By the way this 'drawing' is teeny tiny!
I found this way of drawing to be very meditative
and really enjoyed getting lost in the process.
Just like stitching

On Sunday I tested another background filler
with one of my old favourites....
....row upon irregular row of stab stitch.
Too busy for this particular piece.

Us stitchers use dots too!
I tested row upon row of lumpy dots
using the backstitch as opposed to running stitch.
I like how the backstitch sits proud of the fabric layers
as opposed to running stitch
which sinks in.

That's more like it
now, when I run my fingers over the cloth, I feel tiny little bumps
just like gravel on a pathway.
I think I have decided how to stitch the background
but, boy oh boy, that is a lot of stitching!
I found that wrapping the edge of each pathway
takes three hours.
Many, many more hours to go!

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Staying Connected Across The Miles

Living many miles away from my grand babies is hard for me.
I seek different ways of staying in touch
and one of them is
to draw little scenes that I think will tickle a
three year old's fancy
and drop them in the mail.

This week I tried to draw one of her many
book characters
the Gruffalo!

 and two of his woodland friends.

 She likes pictures of things she does.

Then, when she gets them, she colours them in.
This one obviously arrived just in time
for a Maple Leafs game.
Big fans in that family!

A collaboration between generations!

Monday, 26 February 2018

Places Where The Edges Are

Whipping around the edges of Stone Pathways

Moving inwards from the edges
Running stitch with white thread creates ripples
my thinking is that stones in a pathway
would be surrounded by speckles of sand or gravel.
So I think I will try a colour thread....
....but it can't distract from the stones.

From stitching to walking

We walked the edge of the Annapolis Basin

Looking backwards towards Annapolis Royal
All of that grassland disappears at high tide.
We are safe atop the dyke
which was built by the French in 17th Century.

Looking inland
they built the dykes to protect the lowlands
that stretch towards the North Mountain.

Where the water's edge gets closer to the dyke
huge blocks of basalt act s protection against erosion.

The Rusty Pups use their noses
to learn about who has come down to the dyke in the night.
They often find snail shells
which the seagulls pick up on the mud flats at low tide
and carry to the dyke where they throw them on the ground
to break through to their dinner.

Leaving the water's edge and moving back inland.

I hope the sun shines for you today.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Thanking All Who Came To Our ARCAC Opening

Criss Cross
filled the small Mym Gallery

Turning corners

 Handy Hubby
reckoned his signature should adorn his skinny shelves!
What he did was really clever though.
He worked a groove through his tiny 3/4" square shelving strips.
The groove was slightly angled
so that each piece leaned against the wall.

We had been torn between leaving them as is
or painting them white.
I think we will paint them white for the show this summer
at the Mary E Black Gallery in Halifax.

Thank you everyone for coming out to the opening yesterday.
Mingling with friends and viewers and explaining your work
is such a different experience for someone like me
who spends so many solitary hours stitching, stitching, stitching.

When I am asked which is my favourite
I always say the circle on the right
then I see the two I created from my two year old grand baby's drawings.
So we are already collaborating!
Or then.... I spy
another one that could me my favourite.
I think what makes this an interesting collection of small pieces
is their differences
and how your eye is drawn from one to another.

 And congratulations to Sally O'Grady
whose colourful Annapolis Royal scenes
filled the Chapel Gallery.

Beautiful work.

You can see both our shows
Louise Williams' drawings as she works as the artist in residence.
Oh, yes, and you can go and draw on paper covered walls
in the main gallery.

Monday, 12 February 2018

The Criss Cross Show Has To Go Up This Week


One of the jobs Handy Hubby and I will be undertaking this week

is hanging all 53 of the Criss Cross pieces

in the Mym Gallery at 
the Annapolis Royal Community Art Centre.

I know exactly how it will go.
I will just want them all up on the wall.

On the other hand
my practical, engineering Handy Hubby
will measure and calculate
nail things to walls
and make sure everything is level. 

...that reminds me....
I have to write a statement about the show
and the process 
of creating a small piece every week for a year.
Each piece had to include a cruciform.
Some of which ended up as focal points and others barely visible.

Wish us luck!
Of course it will get done in time
for the opening on Sunday, February 18 from 1-4 pm.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Coming to Toronto......

For those of you living in Ontario
The Artist Project runs from February 22 - 28
at the Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place,
195 Princes Boulevard, Toronto.

And as usual Mark will be there
with his gorgeous Georgian Bay landscapes.
You can find him at Booth #536
Do go and have a chat!

And this year I am happy to say
a friend of mine, Nadine Belliveau, from Baie Sainte-Marie
 will also be there at Booth #319....

....with her beautiful acrylic Nova Scotian landscapes.