Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Back Home After Creating Fabulous Memories

in Kagawong on Manitoulin Island

The Festival's theme this year was Walking
which struck me as more than a coincidence
considering Judy has been healing from her
broken leg since the late Spring.

Judy, Margi and Val beneath the trees where everything began.
The white wrapped sections represent Judy's steps
and the colourful flags in between show the length of her stride.

We laid it beside a river
where salmon were running
....just perfect....

It skirted a mighty rock....

and climbed a hill.
It looked beautiful
and it rained overnight
which made it even more beautiful
for Judy's talk the next morning.

Fungus grew on trees along the pathway

Fungus with delicate underbellies.

And we found evidence that fairies live in this magical place too.

Kagawong means "mists rising from falling water" in the Ojibwe language.
Val, Margi and I were so pleased to be there
to help Judy install and just be there for her.

Monday, 3 October 2016

A Wrinkled Crumb of Sorts

We just can't avoid wrinkles
They come to us all eventually.

Wrinkles are surely a sign of wisdom
evidence of a life lived.
As children we were always taught to respect our elders.
Sometimes I feel invisible
but I am here!

Well actually I am on Manitoulin
Spirit Island
playtime with Judy, Margi and Val.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Moon Crumb....or is it?

Well...is it a moon?
Perhaps moons occupying a moon!
Perhaps the sun which is cooler nowadays
perhaps just a balloon with a tail.

It seems that all these crumbs are never planned
they just become.

One thing I do plan is making early morning time
to do Tai Chi on the wharf
with a bunch of diehards.
The water is always different

Some mornings it's hard to remain focussed
The birds are always entertaining.

The light is always different.

Have a great day.

Friday, 23 September 2016

One Crumb and Fifty Shades of Grey

Scraps gathered from my basket
plus some dots rejected from a larger project.
Stitched together.
I look at it
and feel 
It is just not me.
Not what I imagine my work to be like.
So why does that happen every now and then?
Very strange.

Fifty shades...not quite
but a table full of greys.
I wanted lots of shades and a variety of fabrics.

The lacy edging of an old tablecloth
came out beautifully.
And this summer every dye pot has included a lovely piece of silk velvet.

Linen and silk take colour differently.
Subtle changes in colour.

Eager to start working with my newly dyed fabrics
but won't be able to until mid November.
My goodness that is a long way away!
Don't you love the rusted paper towel?
Just included for a shot of colour.

Every dye pot this summer has had a skein of thread thrown in too.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Hiking Inspiration

As Summer faded
We hiked the Delaps Cove Wilderness Trail

The wilderness here is untamed.

I have to watch where I tread!

Rich rusts bring grey tangles some life.

Green and rust....yummy
Perhaps rust can made any colour look good?

The Rusty Pups love their walks
but being able to get back into the car is getting difficult for them.

Down on the shoreline part of the trail
windswept trees in silvery death.

The rocky clifftops have become a city of inukshuks

built "in the likeness of a human"

a sign from Inuit culture meaning
"someone was here"
"you are on the right path"


Even Rusty Pups admire the view!

What I spy is the wave in the rock formation.
Like that.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Crumbs From a Visit

So now my Crumbs are all caught up
This is for last week....week 36 of 2016.
To me this one is a sandy beach
with driftwood cruciforms.

The Rusty Pups just adore Brett.  
He usually visits in the winter months.
This time we had a summertime treat.

We walked the dyke where a beautiful SSSSS
worked it's way through the mud
Cottonwool ball clouds just gathered above the other shore.

We all walked Mickey Hill

where RP Kayla always looks forward to a dip in the lake.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Been Brewing Up Colour

 Rudbeckia picked as they started to fade.

Greens came out the pot.

 Jewelweed was running rampant in the undergrowth
so some got picked.

See how different the colours are on cotton (on the right) and silk.

Leaves off the apple tree gave deeper colours in the first brew
but as I used the pot of dye a second time the colour came out paler.

All onion skins get saved in this house.
I do get faint complaints because our small freezer has more
dye stuff in it than actual food!

 The vivid results surprised me.
My dyeing at the moment is an attempt to get solid colour
no leafy prints.